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About Women Connected Community

Become the Fullest Expression of Your Potential

We don’t achieve our fullest expression by chance.

It takes openness, self-awareness, unlearning, intentional development, and support.

Being fully expressed means learning to differentiate between our social and our core selves. We are willing to look at the things we have learned - that ultimately hold us back - and are open to the process of unlearning and beginner’s mind. 

The Women Connected Community is an ecosystem for personal and professional development.  This community is like no other development experience.   

Participate in Live Circle Calls with Terri, share your insights and perspectives, learn from the other women in your groups.   Combined with Terri’s guidance and the resources provided in your membership, you will have a focused approach towards fully expressing your potential.

Member Benefits

We know it can be challenging to find the time (let alone support) to work on your personal and professional goals.  The Women Connected Community gives you a jumpstart on that vital work.

Have a question about handling a situation, need a recommendation for a resource, or suggestions for tools that can support you? Just ask!

Need help figuring out where to begin? We can help with that!

Crave the camaraderie of people who “get it?” We’re there for you!

You’ll save time, money and spinning your wheels as you grow because you’ll have one place to go for support, tools, and resources.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • A safe space to share your stories and experiences and uncover ways to help you navigate your journey to full expression.
  • Exclusive articles and resources which I share to support your journey.
  • “An Evening of Exploration,” a 12-month Women Connected Circles Series that is themed.  
  • Our growing library of Learning Resources.
  • Live Zoom Circle calls with Terri as we work through each theme with online content.
  • A mobile app.
  • Exclusive member-only 10% discount on coaching.
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